Four Simple Thoughts to Live By

Four Simple Thoughts to Live By

I recently saw a note with four simple messages written on it;  “Good Morning! I love you! Have a good day! Love!” The note not only made me smile, but also left me with something profound that we can all benefit from.

Good Morning!

Shouldn’t we all start our mornings with a positive attitude and outlook? This is the light of a new day; let it renew your soul. Let the light of every new day rise within your heart. The sunlight of a smile is the best way to brighten any morning. Let go of yesterday’s fears, doubts and sorrows. If for some reason you can’t have a good morning, shouldn’t you at least try to help someone else have one? Extend your hand and you might touch a person. Extend both hands and you might touch two. Extend your heart and you’ll touch everyone. Yes, every morning should be good!

I love You!

Three words I may not say often enough, but God and all the angels in Heaven do ever second of your beautiful life. Happiness is sculpted by the compassion of a kind soul and it's forged by the love within their caring heart. To truly use these three words, we have to embody this kindness. They say God may doesn't make mistakes, but even so, you're still one of His works-in-progress. As with any prototype, you’ll require repairs, upgrades and sometimes a different directive in life. Take each tune-up in stride; keep your feet on the ground; keep an eye on a beacon of hope and you'll always complete your mission—to share unconditional love.

Have a good day!

This is probably the hardest one of these to attain. We have so many daily pressures coming at us from every angle. How are we supposed to be happy, let alone achieve it for an entire day? When I think about how a friend of mine approached each day of his short life, especially those when he wasn’t feeling well, the answer is easy. He never let you see the pain he was in. His anguish was always masked with his smile, a compliment and a positive attitude. His humor was truly infectious and spread to everyone he encountered. The true gift he gave everyone he touched was hope. For him, hope was always just one positive thought away. Your day or life may change in a split second. If it takes a turn for the worse, will you spend the rest of your days suffering or will you accept the divine plan God has for you? Love is paper on which all of God’s blueprints are drafted. We can never see the beautiful picture God has created for us because we’re always standing on that blueprint.

Lastly, “Love”

Each moment of your life is a precious gift. Hold them all in faith, carry them all with hope and share them all with love.

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Robert Clancy

Robert Clancy | Bestselling Author | Spiritual Teacher Robert Clancy is a spiritual teacher, author, and inspirational speaker from the heart of upstate New York. He is a consumate technology entrepreneur who co-founded Spiral Design Studio, one of the largest full-service graphic design and web development firms in the Northeast. As a dedicated life-long volunteer who completely embodies the spirit of service, he inspires others to do the same.

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