Making Space for the Good to Receive the Divine

Making Space for the Good to Receive the Divine

In this episode, Diane Hudock sits with Robert Clancy, spiritual teacher, speaker, and best-selling author of such notables as Soul Cyphers: Decoding a Life of Hope And Happiness, The Messenger, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Soul, and others.  Diane starts Robert off from the pivotal moment in his life at 19, when on a hard path of self-destruction after experiencing a slew of personal tragedies, he is met with a Divine contact of angelic transmission which alters his perception and direction forever.  We enter the heart of it all as he shares the downloads he’s since received of seeing “God’s math” in all of creation, the blessings of hope, faith, and love, and the powerful lessons he’s learned from those he has lost.  It is a heartfilled hour of spiritual reframes and peace producing considerations, in service to making room in one's own consciousness for the awareness of the Divine working in their life.

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Robert Clancy

Robert Clancy | Bestselling Author | Spiritual Teacher Robert Clancy is a spiritual teacher, author, and inspirational speaker from the heart of upstate New York. He is a consumate technology entrepreneur who co-founded Spiral Design Studio, one of the largest full-service graphic design and web development firms in the Northeast. As a dedicated life-long volunteer who completely embodies the spirit of service, he inspires others to do the same.

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