Robert Clancy on The Good Life Revolution with Jesse Dylan

Robert Clancy on The Good Life Revolution with Jesse Dylan

Jesse Dylan, award-winning show host (The Good Life Show) Sirius/CBS, the author of the best-selling book The Good Life with Jesse Dylan and the founder of Good Life Networks interviews Robert Clancy on the Good Life Revolution. Robert Clancy is a gifted entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author and minister. At 19, Robert had a divine spiritual experience that greatly altered his life. In 2012 he started “Robert Clancy – Guide to the Soul” Facebook fan page where he shares...  Read More

Four Simple Thoughts to Live By

Four Simple Thoughts to Live By

I recently saw a note with four simple messages written on it;  “Good Morning! I love you! Have a good day! Love!” The note not only made me smile, but also left me with something profound that we can all benefit from. Good Morning! Shouldn’t we all start our mornings with a positive attitude and outlook? This is the light of a new day; let it renew your soul. Let the light of every new day rise within your heart. The sunlight of a smile is the best way to brighten any...  Read More

Focus On Your Passions!

Focus On Your Passions!

People often ask me, “How do you get all of this thing done that you do? Do you sleep?” They continue this statement with, “I don’t have enough time to do anything.” I get on average eight hours of sleep a night, spend time with my family and friends, volunteer, manage a business, teach martial arts and focus a whole lot on what I am passionate about. This is a wonderful response to the question above: “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You...  Read More

Recognizing Truth

Recognizing Truth

Truth may exist in our written and spoken words, but only we can place it there. How often are we missing basic honesty in our daily routines? Are you bypassing the truth because you’re trying to spare someone’s feelings or trying to mask something trivial? I can only post this admitting that I am far from perfect in this regard. Over the years, I’ve learned that speaking the truth openly to someone, even at the expense of possibly hurting them, has often ended in a stronger...  Read More

Robert Clancy Interview  on Voice of America Radio - the Kathryn Zox Morning Show

Robert Clancy Interview on Voice of America Radio - the Kathryn Zox Morning Show

Kathryn Zox interviews public speaker Robert Clancy on his book “Daily Downloads and Fortune Cookies from the Universe”. The second book in his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Soul series, Daily Downloads is Clancy's new guide offers inspirational thoughts that will help to center your spirit. Clancy is an award-winning public speaker, a 5th degree black belt master, and winner of the Outstanding New Yorker award for his service to youth. Kathryn also interviews Bella Andre,...  Read More

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Robert Clancy

Robert Clancy | Bestselling Author | Spiritual Teacher Robert Clancy is a spiritual teacher, author, and inspirational speaker from the heart of upstate New York. He is a consumate technology entrepreneur who co-founded Spiral Design Studio, one of the largest full-service graphic design and web development firms in the Northeast. As a dedicated life-long volunteer who completely embodies the spirit of service, he inspires others to do the same.

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